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Su​z​ie Dawson

*Enlightened Energy* & Guidance

"Life​ By Design for Magical Souls!"

The 21 Day *Magical Manifestival* 

"Fun, Magical, High Vibration Reality Creation!"

The *Magical Manifestival* is designed to help you create a Magical Life  in ways that bring you great Joy! (Stay tuned for updates!)

What is included in this Festival of FUN?

Level of Fun I ~

  • Magical Ways to Manifest ~ Designed to help you tap into your *magic* to create!
  • Frequency Magic & Messages ~ Divinely guided for the purpose of helping you attract your desires! 
  • Fun Gifts & Surprises ~ Oracle card readings, drawings for special prizes & more! 

Level of Fun II ~ 

All the deLIGHTful Gifts of Level I + Individual Session!

Divine Guidance to make sure you get the most out of this Reality Creation Celebration! All session are 1 hour and done by phone. (Individual sessions without the *Magical Manifestival* are $200!)

With both levels, you will receive an email every 3 days (7 all together) with content to guide you through the 21 Day *Magical Manifestival*!

Frequency Magic is sent energetically. Divine Messages & other gifts & fun surprises will be sent by email! 

Go at your own pace. Self care is included in the festival!

To Join the Celebration ~ Send an email to [email protected] with the *Level of Fun* you choose and click on the option below. (Venmo also accepted.)  Let the *Magic* begin! ;)

Level of Fun I 

*Magical Manifestival* II

Level of Fun II ~ Individual Session Included!


*Magical Manifestival* II

Disclaimer ~

Suzie Dawson does not diagnose, prevent or treat specific health challenges or conditions and does not claim to cure any ailment.  Consult your own physician regarding any physical or emotional challenges you might be experiencing.