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Su​z​ie Dawson

*Enlightened Energy* & Guidance

"Live​ You​r Greatest ​Light!!"

About Me

We are living in amazing times and it is a gift to be here during this Great Awakening! I know that I am here to be my Highest Self & live my Greatest Life. I am honored to support others who are on this journey!

My career has evolved over the years. I was divinely guided to Life Coaching years ago and received training from Coach U. I then started receiving clear messages from Spirit, & began using that information more than any of the training I received. It was a great start, but I knew I had to follow my heart and use my unique gifts of Divine Guidance & *Enlightened Energy* to assist others in living their dreams! 

I am also a Vibrational Intuitive & highly aware of the many energies that can affect people, including other people's energies & emotions, planetary energies, and a variety of other things. Because of this, I began using channeled frequencies to clear energy and bring those I work with back into alignment with their Higher Self, Source...whatever you wish to call it! This alignment is the key to flowing with life and all the glorious gifts it has to offer!

I love helping others Awaken to their Highest Selves & Live their Dreams!!