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Su​z​ie Dawson

*Enlightened Energy* & Guidance

"Live​ You​r Greatest ​Light!!"

My Blog


Uplevel Your Life!

Posted on March 18, 2017 at 11:45 PM Comments comments ()

After hearing the word “Uplevel” beginning around November of last year, I realized that this is what 2017 is all about for me. It's my theme for the year!

This makes so much sense. I have been feeling the need for great change for quite a while now. My soul is yearning for a complete overhaul. A new beginning filled with all the things that I love the most!

To begin creating this "Uplevel," I assigned a 'Divine Uplevel Team' to encourage and support me during this process. This was a GREAT start to creating my new, more enlightened lifestyle!!

I called on the divine beings who work with me to begin giving me guidance that would help me create my Ideal Life. And I let go of all the things that weren’t working for me! I was no longer willing to receive the same old guidance that was not getting me anywhere. The new guidance had to be useful, helpful, uplifting and support me in creating my ideal life!

As the journey continued… I decided I had to stop rescuing & caretaking others. I needed to focus on me and the new life I was choosing to create! This was tough for me, since it had been so deeply ingrained in my identity. However, I was more than willing to let it go!

The next thing on the list was to get together my “Living the Dream Team.” I like to call it my “LTDT!”  I started to gather a small but powerful list of beings who were interested and committed to living their dreams too! This would provide the physical support I (and others) needed to move forward.

I then received guidance to redefine who I AM. I had to create a new definition of myself (at a soul level) to match this Upleveled, "Dreams Come True Life." I chose to be my highest, most infinite self, fully loved, empowered and supported by myself & all that is!!

Then came letting go of worry, drama, chaos and fear. These things could not longer be a part of this new life. They were not my truth anyway and had to go! The people in my life who were crazy makers had to go as well. I could no longer participate in this old reality. It was time for the new, more authentic me to emerge!

Next, I had to let go of judgment. I could no longer let my ego run amuck with negative thoughts about anyone or anything, including myself. I had to see the very best in everyone and everything! At the very least, I needed to stop resisting them and focus on their soul selves. Releasing judgment would make the previous step (letting go of the worry, fear and drama) much easier!

Then came one of the most important parts of my new life - Gratitude & Appreciation!! It was time to start appreciating everyone and everything. This would allow my point of attraction to rise so I could begin attracting that which I most desired! Not to mention it just feels good to be in gratitude & appreciation. : )
I also needed time alone. My soul needed to be soothed and nurtured into making these necessary changes. I craved this solitude so that I could begin feeling into me and not everyone around me.

The power to Choose was also on the top of my list of changes to be made. I had to learn to trust myself to make the choices that would take me closer to my ideal life. I also needed to affirm that I AM the Conscious Creator of My Life! (And not be led astray by outside influences.)

I also had to learn to let go! I could not stay on “repeat” with my thoughts, feelings and behaviors and expect to get something new. I had to give myself permission to release a past and allow a new, more authentic way of being into my life.

Most of all, I had to Love Myself Free of the things that no longer served me so I could live my ideal life! The life I have been longing for... and now have the courage to live.

Peace & Blessings to You All ~ Suzie

See the Light in Everyone!

Posted on January 7, 2015 at 7:58 PM Comments comments ()

I had a session years ago with a highly gifted psychic that made a profound impact on my life!  From the moment we got on the phone, he was able to see beyond any illusions, stories, roles and identities that I had been in to see the “real me.” He reflected back to me the truth of who I am and why I am here.

This was the greatest gift I could have received! To have someone recognize your true soul identity…your magnificence, brilliance, light & beyond is a sacred gift indeed. With a little practice and intention, we can all start recognizing in others what they fail to see in themselves. This will help bring out the best in everyone!

Many of us are focused on leaving the past behind and creating a reality that is aligned with our highest divine potential!  This is the perfect time to begin seeing our true selves (and that of others) and having our worlds reflect that back to us.

This is the time to set ourselves totally and completely free (Moksha!). In order to do this, we must step out of the past and into our most expanded, awakened selves. Free from ego, illusion and all the identities that were keeping us feeling so trapped inside.   

We must also set ourselves free from the Collective Soul. It is time to disidentify from mass consciousness and BE our Highest Selves. This is how we will begin to create lives beyond what we thought possible!

It's time to “rewrite” the story of our lives to reflect our highest divine potential!!

Wishing All of You Bliss, Blessings & Beyond!! ~ Suzie

PS-I LOVE seeing beyond other's stories to reveal their Highest Selves!! :)