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Su​z​ie Dawson

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You Must Put Yourself 1st!

Posted on April 28, 2018 at 6:40 PM

It just became incredibly apparent to me just how much time and energy I have been giving away! This has been going on for quite some time, but made abundantly clear recently. After months of seeing buses go by with an ad saying "Put Yourself 1st!" and repeatedly hearing “Stand up for yourself”…I finally got it!

To those around me, this may have been a no-brainer. To me, it was not so obvious until I heard the words “Assertiveness Training.” I realized the extent of how energy and power I was giving way at the expense of myself.

I could feel intense emotion rising up within me one night when it all came to a point! The tension had been building for quite some time. All of a sudden, as I was listening to our upstairs neighbors and feeling  trampled on…that was it!! I had reached my limit. No more!

Some ways we give away our power ~

-Talking on the phone way longer than is comfortable. Honestly, I do not like talking on the phone for longer than a few minutes. Unless it’s for career guidance sessions (which is fun!), it can be draining and a waste of time.

- Getting on Facebook for an extended time. I know it can be fun and a great distraction at times…but enough is enough! It is time to set limits around how and when these tools are used. Figure out what your intention is for using social media.

- Allowing others to tell you their story more than once (and then feeling dumped on). I have found that asking if it’s a good time for someone to listen is always a better approach than launching into a story when they may not want to hear it.

- Letting people think you are available to them constantly. It’s another way to leak energy…by not setting clear boundaries that feel right for you!  

- Taking on energies from others in the form of thoughts, feelings and emotions. It's a great way to distract us from our own...but they are not ours to take on.

- Letting our little furry love lights dominate our lives!! No matter how cute and cuddly they are, it is not okay to let them take over your house or your life.

It’s amazing all the ways many of us use to distract ourselves from what is really important and meaningful to us! Start noticing in your own lives how you are spending your time. Is it focused on your highest priorities and JOY? Or are you unconsciously wasting your precious time and life force energy on things that don’t really matter to you?

Wasting time and energy is a BIG saboteur in fulfilling our life purpose here. We each have a unique contribution to share with the world, and giving our power away is dishonoring of our souls and purpose here!

I now choose to focus on my soul’s highest priorities and enjoy life to the fullest! No more time wasters. And So It Is.  

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Reply Bradon
12:12 PM on June 4, 2018 
You have shared very valuable content.