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Su​z​ie Dawson

*Enlightened Energy* & Guidance

"Life​ By Design for Magical Souls!"

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Turn Your Lights On!

Posted on August 7, 2016 at 12:30 AM

One of many pieces of guidance I have received lately is “Turn your lights on!” It seems each day I am being reminded of this. I will receive a vision of my lights flickering, and this is a sign that my lights need to be turned up to the highest level (much like a dimmer switch all the way up)!!

I have long felt that light activation, which to me is simply connecting to our Brightest Soul Self, is of the highest importance during these changing times. I know that when my lights are on, anything is possible! When they are low, life seems much more difficult. This is when I experience struggle, versus the ease, joy & flow that is our natural state!

Whenever I contemplate what I most want in life, it is that feeling of being totally and fully immersed in the LIGHT that I AM.  It is the feeling I get when every part of me is “beaming” light and I am able to spread this light to everyone I know!! Nothing brings me greater joy than this!

I am certain this is why I was guided to use the words *Enlightened Energy* in my coaching business. My affinity to Being & Spreading  Light made these words a perfect fit for me. I love being a catalyst for others to Be & Stay in their Light!

I have been hearing words like “Lighthouse, Chandelier & Beacon” for longer than I can remember! I know it was my angels and guides letting me know that this is who I AM and why I am here. These words help me to remember my truth and not get tossed about by outside influences.

I LOVE the feeling of empowerment this brings me! Immediately, I can go from feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tearful, fearful, etc. to feeling like my bright, light, Soul Connected Self again. This has taken much practice over the years and is such a gift to me!

Luckily, I have an amazing “divine team” that I can call on to help keep me in these high vibrational, sparkling, light filled energies! Actually everyone has access to their own “divine team!” All you have to do is call on them to help you. It is a wonderful feeling to know that these beloved beings have your back and will support you in whatever you choose to create!

How can you tell if people have their lights on? If you see someone who is shining, sparkling, glowing, flowing…chances are good that their lights are on. When someone appears dull and lifeless, their lights are probably off. You can tell immediately! Those that have their lights on are typically “Lovers of Life”...and life loves them right back!

For me, this is all about choice. I can choose to BE in this light that I AM, my highest truth, or I can choose to have my dimmer set on low.  Lights on feels GREAT! Lights off, not so great. It is all up to me.

“I Live in the Light,
 I Play in the Light,
 I AM the Light!!”

Brightest & Lightest of Blessings to You!! ~ Suzie Dawson 


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